Vajiko Chachkhiani at Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto

“In his new exhibition at Scrap Metal in Toronto, his first in North America, the Tbilisi-based artist deconstructs the idea of home and belonging in various ways, going far beyond images of a literal house. They Kept Shadows Quiet (2018), the eponymous installation commissioned especially for this exhibition, consists of two “interrogation chambers” installed side by side and flipped inside out. These chambers recall border patrol checkpoints where refuges and migrants are detained to await “processing,” and yet their reversal of inside and outside defuses these sinister connotations, as visitors are able to traverse the narrow passage between the two chambers unimpeded. The situation is familiar and unfamiliar at once: not only is the exterior architecture built and painted to resemble the exterior, but the installation also reverses the usual direction of the surveillance gaze by installing spyglass along the walls facing the passage and making the mirrors semi-transparent. Looking out from each room, the figure of authority is partly visible as a silhouette, implicitly menacing yet ultimately powerless to interfere with the passers-by.”
(From a text by Milena Tomic)

Artist: Vajiko Chachkhiani
Venue: Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto
Exhibition title: They Kept Shadows Quiet
Date: October 11, 2018 – March 30, 2019

Text/Press release and images provided by the event.
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