“Time Matters” at Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen

Press release:
‘Time Matters’ is a deeply personal and playful journey into the gaze of art lover, collector and curator Sara Lys-gaard. The exhibition invites us into a universe of clear forms and colours, textures, minimalism and geom-etry across times and places enveloping the floor and walls of the gallery space. We are presented to some of the highlights in Sara Lysgaard’s journey through her life with art showing works by Yves Klein, Paul Gade-gaard, Claudia Comte, Haroon Mirza, Amalie Jakobsen, Lea Guldditte Hestelund and Nat Bloch Gregersen.

The exhibition takes its outset with a work by danish concrete artist Paul Gadegaard, which was the starting point for Sara’s great interest in art. The clear red, blue and gold leaf work hung in the dining room of Sara’s childhood home, facing Sara from her place at the dining table and hanging just behind her father. It is a stringent work with a strong character, but one which the young Sara could not understand what meant. In her search for answer, Sara repeatedly asked her father, who always delivered, the for an 8-year-old girl, very unsatisfying answer, “one day you will understand”.

Sara’s search for understanding art and through that; life, is in many ways what have supported her great in-terest in art over the years. But over the years, her father’s then cryptic words, have also ended up mak-ing sense in the relationship with and understanding of art and aesthetics that today are everywhere to be found in Sara’s life. Time has been important in Sara’s understanding of art and for her process in finding an-swers to the questions she have had to herself and to her surroundings. Time in its expansiveness is there-fore central as both a clarifying and processing tool, but also as it in its existence and in its function as a cata-lyst of instances, allows us to experience essential moments that shape our lives both today and in the future.

The exhibition becomes a condensation of the type of works that have contributed to characterising Sara’s view and position on art. Of that reason, the exhibition presents both new and older works together, as the compilation of works takes its outset in a personal experience and of a summary of a life lived with art. From the earliest confrontation with the great and incomprehensible art personified in Paul Gadegaard’s artwork, and the discovery of Yves Klein and his masterful work with colours and concepts, serves as the foundation of understanding of the exhibition. The interna-tional contemporary art scene is presented by current and highly acclaimed artists Claudia Comte and Haroon Mirza, whom both are to be found in Sara’s private collection. The young Danish art, which also takes an important place in Sara’s collection is represented by works by Amalie Jakobsen, Lea Guldditte Hestelund and Nat Bloch Gregersen.

The works are placed all over the gallery space from floor to wall. In collaboration with Ta-pet Caféen the walls are painted in clear colours, which supports and stages the exhibition.

Artists: Yves Klein, Haroon Mirza, Claudia Comte, Paul Gadegaard, Amalie Jakobsen, Nat Bloch Gregersen, Lea Guldditte Hestelund
Venue: Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen
Exhibition title: Time Matters
Date: June 3 – August 10, 2019

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