Thomas Bayrle at Wiels, Brussels

Press release:

WIELS presents the first major retrospective in Belgium by German artist Thomas Bayrle, a pioneer of Pop Art, serial, and new media. WIELS continues its alternative reading of the history of art featuring artists whose work often unrecognized changes our understanding of major changes in the history of art and ideas. Over the years, Bayrle has built a body of work consisting astonishingly, even obsessive, combining unique and humorous black allegiances to the Pop art, conceptual and Op

Bayrle develops from the mid-sixties works based on the serial repetition of the same pattern, heirs of minimal art. Through her collages, paintings, sculptures, films and books, he developed a unique visual language and subjugating. The work is critical and engaged Bayrle: he is interested in mass culture, and the Cold War, the incorpo-artist and his work in amalgam symbols of capitalist and communist societies that develop and share sides of the wall.

All-in-One provides a broad overview of the career of Thomas Bayrle since his first machines kinetic painted until his most recent works carried out on the occasion of Documenta (13). The presentation does not follow a linear chronological but highlights the variety, sometimes contradictory themes at work in the artist’s work: consumer society, political propaganda, sexuality, religion.

Artist: Thomas Bayrle
Venue: Wiels, Brussels
Exhibition Title: All-In-One
Date: February 2 – May 5, 2013

Photography: Sven Laurent.
Text (press release) and images provided by the event.
©Wiels, Brussels.