Anna Diehl at SALTS, Birsfelden

Press release: The work of Anna Diehl is about exploring the capacity of painting, as a medium, but also as a conceptual space, to challenge the transition from the familiar to the undefinable. In other words, her paintings very often navigate and blur the passage from figuration to non-figuration. Both terms, when thinking about art

Jumana Manna at SALTS, Birsfelden

Press release: The title of Jumana Manna’s first solo exhibition in Switzerland, Adrenarchy is a take on “Adrenarche”, an early sexual maturation stage in some higher primates, which similarly takes place in humans before the age of 12. During this phase, the body, its smell and oiliness dramatically change, following an increase in cortisol levels,

Flaka Haliti at Salts, Birsfelden

Press release: For her first institutional show in Switzerland, Flaka Haliti presents a new body of work consisting of a single environment that the artist developed for SALTS indoor space. The installation comprises of large scale children drawings painted on coloured glass sheets, as well as grid-like wallpaper which covers all three walls of the