Namsal Siedlecki at Magazzino, Rome

Press release: Magazzino is happy to announce A, the first solo exhibition by Namsal Siedlecki with the gallery. The exhibition which will open on Wednesday the 15th May 2019 will last until July 15th, 2019. Siedlecki has decided to elaborate a dual approach, linking two separate trajectories, both having as a common theme desire and

Milena Rossignoli at White Noise Gallery, Rome

Press release: The limit of curvature is the instant prior to the breakage; pure tension suspended between maximum potential and immediate tear, both physical and emotional. The creative process of Milena Rossignoli heavily relies on intuition, as an act of resistance to the logical filters generated by knowledge. An investigation on the contraction and expansion

Caroline Mesquita at T293, Rome

Press Release: On the occasion of a recent show in Vevey (Switzerland), Caroline Mesquita went to Gruyères to visit the house/ museum of HR Giger. Controversial surrealist painter and sculptor and best known for designing the anthropomorphic creature for 1979’s ‘Alien’, Giger is the author of biomechanical creatures and extraterrestrial landscapes characterized by a fascinating

Anna-Sophie Berger at Emanuel Layr, Rome

Press release: lopsided = einseitig, schief paltry = armselig, erbärmlich, dürftig schist = Schiefer to concoct = zubereiten, aushecken, zurechtlegen clairvoyant = hellsichtig February 2017 lump = Klumpen, Knolle, Brocken, Kloß, Geschwulst to eviscerate = ausweiden, vernichten barren = karg, öde, dürr corollary = Begleiteffekt, -resultat lackluster = lustlos, glanzlos, farblos to get words in

Joan Jonas at Sant’Andrea De Scaphis, Rome

Press Release: Gavin Brown’s enterprise is pleased to present After Mirage, a solo exhibition by American artist Joan Jonas, a groundbreaking figure of video and performance art. As an independent and alternative artist-run gallery space, 112 Greene Street helped define SoHo in the 1970s. Owned and run by sculptor Jeffrey Lew with Gordon Matta-Clark and Alan Saret,

Wyatt Kahn at T293, Rome

Wyatt Kahn creates his works by assembling a series of individual panels, different in dimension, size, and shape, juxtaposed to create the illusion of a two-dimensional linear composition. Throughout all of his work, he uses different art devices to create a dichotomy between flatness and the illusion of depth. Informed by traditional painting techniques developed