Philippe Parreno at Watari-Um, Tokyo

Press release: A key artist of his generation, Philippe Parreno has radically redefined the exhibition experience by taking it as a medium, placing its construction at the heart of his process. Working in a diverse range of media including film, sculpture, drawing, and text, Parreno conceives his exhibitions as a scripted space where a series

Philippe Parreno at Serralves, Porto

Press Release: The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art presents A Time Coloured Space, a major exhibition by French artist Philippe Parreno, his first in Portugal. Curated by the Director of the Museum, Suzanne Cotter, the exhibition will span all thirteen rooms of the Museum, across two floors, and extending to the Museum’s Auditorium. A Time Coloured

Philippe Parreno at Pilar Corrias, London

Press Release: Pilar Corrias presents With a Rhythmic Instinction to be Able to Travel Beyond Existing Forces of Life, Philippe Parreno’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Comprising new works, drawings, automatons, and an animation, the show is Parreno’s first in the UK since his 2010 solo exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. The exhibition centres

Philippe Parreno at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Philippe Parreno, one of the most original figures of the international art world, has radically transformed the monumental space of the Palais de Tokyo. In response to its carte blancheinvitation, Parreno has devised an exhibition driven by his dialogue with architecture and with the notion of the exhibition as a medium in its own right. ANYWHERE,

Carsten Höller at Air de Paris, Paris

Press Release: ‘With’ does not mean ‘And’. If this were not the case, nothing would singularize the two terms. ‘With’ means 1+1 = 2, whereas ‘And’ says 1+ 1 = 1. Putting two things together while retaining their singularities is more paradoxical and unexpected than simply adding them up. So 1+1 = 2 is less