Bruno Zhu at UKS, Oslo

Press release Throughout the last years, i.e., since taking over as Director of UKS in 2017, UKS has fronted an aim to be a malleable operation, carefully custom-fitted to each new artist—shifting opening hours, tone of voice, exhibition architecture, outreach, or bandwidth according to the artistic intention of the current solo exhibition. In fact, as

Leander Djønne at SCHLOSS, Oslo

Press release: Leander Djønne’s Øyde til øyde is a documentary video of sorts, presenting footage from a selection of historic sites in Scandinavia, and places where industry has taken its toll. It is filmed on location in Tysso, Elvadalen, Husavik on the Faeroe Islands, Kiruna, and Reyðarfjörður. Music accompaniments by archaeologist Grjótgard Hálfdanarson Ellingsen on