Lisa Holzer at Kunstverein München, Munich

Press release: From 25 May until 25 August 2019, Kunstverein München presents Esst mich! — a solo exhibition by Lisa Holzer. Lisa Holzer explores logics of desire through pictures, text, performative gestures, and subtle alterations to exhibition conventions. In recent works, vulgar yet appetizing photographs of food are rendered formless, enlarged, and abstracted to a

Abbas Akhavan at Museum Villa Stuck, Munich

Press release: Abbas Akhavan will present a major solo show at the Museum Villa Stuck, combining older works with pieces created especially for this exhibition. This show, comprising of mostly sculptures and installations, explores issues related to destruction, marginalization as well as acts of preservation and regeneration in the shifting and repurposed spaces of the

Karel Martens at Kunstverein München, Munich

Press release: Karel Martens has ten hands for every finger. He’s an artist, a typographer, a graphic designer, a bookmaker, and an educator. He co-founded a school. He’s synonymous with overprinting. He’s a method. That said, Motion will be appropriately dexterous and tentacular – comprising an experiential exhibition of Martens’ work within a staircase and

Karin Sander at Barbara Gross, Munich

Press release: An important aspect of the fascination exercised by Karin Sander’s work is the discoveries she makes interacting with everyday objects. Again and again, she succeeds through often minimal shifts in perspective in reinterpreting things in surprising ways, making us radically aware of how strongly rooted are our habitual ways of dealing with the