Mario Schifano at Gio Marconi, Milan

Press release: Gió Marconi gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Mario Schifano. Something else, dedicated to a group of monochromes from between 1960 and 1962, curated by Alberto Salvadori and in collaboration with the Mario Schifano Archive. Schifano began to make these industrial enamel paintings on canvas-backed paper in 1959, after earlier experiments in Informalism.

Noah Barker at Fanta, Milan

Press release: The work of Noah Barker incorporates a distanciated logic in relation to context and intention as a shadow of structural condition. An enduring deferral exceeds a just-in-time arithmetic while the supplement, echo, and re-arrival are latent motifs in a practice sustained by prior productions of itself and others. For Fanta, Barker has proposed

Daniel Boccato at RIBOT, Milan

Press release: RIBOT gallery is pleased to present fly like an eagle, curated by Domenico de Chirico, the first solo show in Italy of the artist Daniel Boccato (Campinas, Brazil, 1991; he lives and works in New York). A selection of recent wall sculptures from the series “Wall Works”, specifically made for this show, shall

Olivier Mosset at Massimo De Carlo, Milan

Press release: Olivier Mosset is well known for his minimalist practice that investigates conceptual abstraction through painting. The artist explores a variety of monochrome colour blocks, surfaces, geometrical patterns, and dimensions via methodical repetition of gestures: a radical and dynamic approach to the canvas; that refuses any form of subjectivity. The exhibition is structured as

Markus Schinwald at Gio Marconi, Milan

Press release: Gió Marconi is very pleased to announce his fourth solo show with Austrian artist Markus Schinwald. Based on interests ranging from psychology and literature to dance and the history of fashion, Schinwald explores the idea of the human body as a cultural construct. Schinwald’s artistic repertoire consists of splayed table leg sculptures, distorted

Judith Hopf at kaufmann repetto, Milan

Press release: kaufmann repetto is happy to announce ! Hear Rings ! , Judith Hopf’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. For her show at kaufmann repetto milano, the artist presents a new body of works including sculptures, installations and a four-minute video animation. The exhibition aims to explore the modalities through which information circulate