Ernesto Burgos at The Goma, Madrid

Press release: Ernesto Burgos’ practise in recent years has been sustained on the production of three-dimensional works exploiting the malleability of cardboard, later coated in fiberglass and then covered with charcoal, oil and wax. The sculptures presented at this third exhibition at The Goma open up a new path within the artist’s output insofar as

Enrique Radigales at The Goma, Madrid

Press release: In the spring of 1959 Friedrich Jürgenson (1903–1987), a painter, documentary maker and opera singer, placed his tape recorder by an open window of his cabin in the woods near Mölnbo (Sweden). The surrounding forest and the nearby lake seemed like a suitable setting to record a soundscape for one of his documentaries,

Luis Camnitzer at Parra & Romero, Madrid

Press release: Parra & Romero is pleased to present the exhibition Dibujos by Luis Camnitzer (b. 1937), Uruguayan artist whose contribution was essential in the development of international Conceptual Art from mid 60’s until nowadays. The show, third solo exhibition by Camnitzer at the gallery, presents two works that review the artist’s career. Both are

Karlos Gil at García Galería, Madrid

Press release: In his upcoming exhibition at García | Galería, Karlos Gil presents a new body of work under the title sub rosa, a Latin expression meaning “under the rose”, used to indicate a secret or confidentiality. This project is one of the elements that make up a long-term investigation of the artist’s, through which

Heimo Zobernig at Palacio de Velázquez, Madrid

Heimo Zobernig is one of the most significant artists working in Europe today. Having exhibited worldwide, he has created a considerable body of work that includes paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, architectural interventions and performances. His work critically engages with various modern art movements, as well as with architecture, design and theatre. Zobernig appropriates art histories