Yngve Holen at Modern Art, London

Press Release: Modern Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Yngve Holen. This is the Norwegian-German artist’s second solo show with Modern Art. Holen’s work is characterised by the sculptural use of materials of today’s industries and our everyday surroundings. This exhibition at Modern Art consists of wall-mounted lamps made

Cerith Wyn Evans at White Cube, London

Press Release: ‘The Illuminating Gas […] systematically imposes a formless anxiety, diverging yet centrifugal, directed not toward the most withheld secrets but toward the imitation and the transmutation of the most visible forms: each word at the same time energised and drained, filled and emptied by the possibility of there being yet another meaning, this

Jimmie Durham at Serpentine, London

Press Release: This autumn, the Serpentine presents an exhibition by Jimmie Durham (b. 1940, USA), an artist, poet, essayist and political activist, whose career spans five decades. This major survey show at the Serpentine Gallery highlights his multi-dimensional practice, including sculpture, drawing and film. Alongside new sculptures and key installations, the exhibition shows a group

Lisa Holzer at Rowing, London

Press release: Keep All Your Friends assembles The Pretty Girl, The Man Who Is Unhappy, The Man Who Is Unhappy, The Man Who Is Unhappy, The Man Who Is Unhappy, Head of a Partisan, Head of a Partisan and All Alone. All pictures are pigment prints on cotton paper, framed in exclusive white varnished frames.

Leon Golub at Serpentine, London

Press release: Serpentine Galleries presents Leon Golub: Bite Your Tongue at the Serpentine Gallery this spring. This survey exhibition of the American figurative painter, his first in a London public institution since 2000, will highlight key aspects of the artist’s oeuvre from the 1950s until his death in 2004. Throughout his career Golub was guided

Julian Stair at Corvi-Mora, London

Press release: Tommaso Corvi-Mora is pleased to present a new project by Julian Stair, in his first exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition will represent Julian Stair’s interpretation of the great historical dinner service and is a natural continuation of his previous body of work, “Quietus”, which explored our relationship with death and the human

Vangelis Pliarides at Christine Park Gallery, London

Press release: Christine Park Gallery is delighted to present the first UK solo exhibition of prominent Greek artist Vangelis Pliarides. Pliarides’ paintings explore the negotiation of life’s primal nature – love, death, betrayal, marriage and separation, and the pursuit of happiness – through a personal perspective perhaps best exemplified in Lost. His personal philosophy permeates

Philippe Parreno at Pilar Corrias, London

Press Release: Pilar Corrias presents With a Rhythmic Instinction to be Able to Travel Beyond Existing Forces of Life, Philippe Parreno’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Comprising new works, drawings, automatons, and an animation, the show is Parreno’s first in the UK since his 2010 solo exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. The exhibition centres

David Robilliard at Institute of Contemporary Arts London

Press Release: The ICA brings together a selection of paintings by London-based poet and painter David Robilliard in the first UK institutional exhibition for over twenty years. These intimate paintings combine figurative elements with text taken directly from Robilliard’s own poems. Coded and knowing, his evocative prose alludes to intimate sexual encounters and passing infatuations

Pae White at Greengrassi, London

Press release: Greengrassi is pleased to present Pae White’s fifth exhibition at the gallery. The work, titled Genau or Never, is a reconfiguration of an unrealized commission originally planned for Gloucester Road tube station. In this iteration, a small portion of the original plan has been processed through a randomizer as a way to recontextualize

Keren Cytter at Pilar Corrias, London

Pilar Corrias is pleased to present MOP VENGEANCE, Keren Cytter’s third solo exhibition with the gallery that brings together two new bodies of work. Keren Cytter captures and explores human relationships, particularly the performed behaviours and interactions of everyday life. Working with narrative, Cytter plays with humorous, absurd, and deconstructed dialogues, which at times mix

Michael Dean at Herald St, London

If you say “haha,” aloud, you are not, under any circumstances, laughing. In fact it is something like the opposite of a laugh, the onomatopoeia of a dead laugh. You are laughing at laughing, or at best describing it (‘funny haha’). That is why, in transcriptions of interviews for example, laughter often becomes instead a stage direction,

Pae White at South London Gallery, London

Los Angeles-based artist Pae White merges art, design, craft and architecture through site-specific installations and individual works which defy our expectations of a variety of techniques and media. For her South London Gallery exhibition she creates a mesmerising installation in which vast quantities of black, red, blue and purple yarn span and criss-cross the room

“Body I Am” at Alison Jacques, London

The early 1970s saw Birgit Jürgenssen (1949-2003), Ana Mendieta (1948-85) and Hannah Wilke (1940-93) shaping their distinctive artistic languages in Vienna, Iowa and New York respectively. And while each artist developed independently, they shared the same concern of creating works that are intractably bound to their own bodies. At a time when feminist activism and

Olivier Mosset at Campoli Presti, London

Campoli Presti is pleased to present Olivier Mosset’s second solo exhibition with the gallery following his solo exhibition at Indipendenza Studio, Rome in 2012. Mosset emerged in the Sixties and has been associated with a multitude of art historical movements and contexts. Although his work addresses purest ideals reflected in the Minimalist colour-field painting of