Joao Vasco Paiva at Bold Tendencies, London

Press release: Bold Tendencies is excited to present ten new commissions from international artists in the rooftop spaces of the Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park for our most ambitious summer project to date. Working across art, orchestral music, opera, and architecture Bold Tendencies will open to the public 18 May – 22 September 2018. The focus

Pakui Hardware at Tenderpixel, London

Press release: For their first solo show in London, the duo Pakui Hardware developed an entirely new project for Tenderpixel’s space, exploring metabolism both as a metaphorical device and as a physical and biological process. — Great vegetables, great organs, greater economy. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A dozen of apples might

Eloise Hawser at Somerset House, London

Press release: From feats of engineering to forces of nature, Eloise Hawser explores connections between hidden flows of the city’s subterranean structures and the circulation in our bodies, with works including never-seen-before modern medical equipment and original multidisciplinary artworks by Hawser. Somerset House is delighted to announce a major exhibition by Somerset House Studios artist

Jorge Pardo at Victoria Miro, London

Press release: Victoria Miro is delighted to present an exhibition comprising paintings and an installation of lamps by the Mexico-based Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo. Celebrated for his use of vibrant colours, eclectic patterns and natural and industrial materials, Pardo, a MacArthur Fellow, has since the 1990s drawn on the historical intersections of fine art, architecture

Henrik Olesen at Cabinet, London

Press release: What about bodies that don’t matter? Or, bodies that do matter as a means but not ‘as an end’, that is, as a Subject. These are bodies that don’t own themselves, aren’t allowed to name themselves, regulated objects who are assigned their being only through that being’s violent effacement, through its denial. Can

Karla Black at Modern Art, London

Press Release: Modern Art is pleased to announce Karla Black’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Karla Black will present a new body of work, made specifically as an attempt to emphasize the importance of mark-making in her practice. In this exhibition, she concentrates specifically on one of the many sculptural problems that preoccupy her:

Hannah Black at Chisenhale, London

Press Release: Chisenhale Gallery presents a new commission and the first solo exhibition in a UK institution by Hannah Black. Some Context is structured around 20,000 copies of The Situation, a book made up of transcribed, edited and censored conversations between the artist and friends about ‘the situation’. This theme is interpreted differently in each

Martin Puryear at Parasol unit, London

Press release: Martin Puryear’s first London solo exhibition spans 40 years of the artist’s practice and presents over 30 works of sculpture and rarely seen works on paper. Loaded with a poignant sense of cultural history, Puryear’s abstract sculptures have a unique aesthetic and are meticulously hand-made, most often from wood. Puryear employs traditional techniques

Arthur Jafa at Serpentine Galleries, London

Press release: Featuring Ming Smith, Frida Orupabo and Missylanyus. The Serpentine presents the work of the acclaimed US filmmaker, cinematographer and artist Arthur Jafa. Across three decades, Jafa has developed a dynamic, multidisciplinary practice ranging from films and installations to lecture-performances and happenings that tackle, challenge and question prevailing cultural assumptions about identity and race.

Simon Ling at greengrassi, London

Press release: These paintings are made from observing an arrangement of natural forms – pieces of trees. They are painted from life in a studio outside of London whose doors open onto a yard where Simon Ling has arranged logs in order to paint them. Between the act of observation and the painting process, this

Peter Halley at Modern Art, London

Press release: Modern Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works by Peter Halley from the 1980s. The exhibition comprises a selection of paintings that surveys an important period of Peter Halley’s work, dating from 1982-1987. Over the past four decades, Peter Halley has pursued a rigorous, theoretical approach to painting that takes

Shahryar Nashat at Rodeo, London

Press release: partial timeline 1989 An Iranian acquaintance of the family shows Shahryar Nashat a photograph of Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg in Rome in 1961. He thinks to himself, “Boy, these two are having a good time.” September 5, 1992 SN turns 17. 1994 At a student show, SN shows his first artwork. Fruit–a

Jamian Juliano-Villani at Studio Voltaire, London

Press Release: Studio Voltaire presents a major new commission by Jamian Juliano-Villani (b. 1987, New Jersey) the artists’ first solo presentation in a public institution outside of the US. Jamian Juliano-Villani’s paintings are composed using an atlas of thousands of appropriated images, personal photographs, and reproductions of existing artworks. The artist wryly refers to her

Urs Fischer at Massimo De Carlo, London

Press release: Massimo De Carlo inaugurates its 2016-2017 season in Milan with an exhibition in two parts by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer. Urs Fischer is the first artist to exhibit in Massimo De Carlo’s two spaces: at the recently inaugurated space at Palazzo Belgioioso and in the gallery’s headquarters on Via Ventura. Shifting between

Nairy Baghramian at Marian Goodman, London

Press release: Marian Goodman Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition by Nairy Baghramian – the artist’s first presentation with the gallery and her first major solo show in London since The Walker’s Day Off at the Serpentine Gallery in 2010. Scruff of the Neck comprises a group of amorphous sculptures unified here in a

Tomma Abts at greengrassi, London

Press release: Currently open at greengrassi in Kennington, Tomma Abts’ first show in five years with her London gallery is a must-see. Abts only allows around half a dozen paintings out of her studio in a year, so although all ten in this exhibition are dated 2015 or 2016, do not be fooled. The date