Danh Vo at kurimanzutto, Mexico City

Press release: kurimanzutto presents the second solo exhibition by Danh Vo in the gallery. Examining the present to understand his past, Vo also looks at the future and thus weaves objects, people and histories, both personal and official, into his work. The artist’s practice has long since been informed by his interactions with friends and

Sarah Lucas at Kurimanzutto, Mexico City

Press release: Kurimanzutto is pleased to present the first solo exhibition at the gallery by British artist Sarah Lucas. This is Lucas’ second exhibition in Mexico, after having shown NUDS at the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli in 2012. The artist’s work is characterized by irreverent humor and the creation of visual puns and vulgar euphemisms

Monika Sosnowska at Kurimanzutto, Mexico City

Press release: Monika Sosnowska looks to architecture as the source material for her work, analyzing 1960s and ‘70s socialist buildings from Poland where she grew up under the communist Eastern Bloc, and where she continues to live today. Her sculptures reflect on the Modernist assumptions of functionality and the promise of progress represented in the

Haegue Yang at Kurimanzutto, Mexico City

Press release: Haegue Yang explores the language of visual abstraction through the affective power of materials. Her practice illustrates the infinite complexity of putting together mere things, and in the process causing devastating creative disruption. Yang’s work does not reject narrative or language; rather it exploits the associative and sensorial overtones of certain objects, that

Jonathan Hernández at Kurimanzutto, Mexico City

Press Release: kurimanzutto is pleased to present Asset Forfeiture, Jonathan Hernandez’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Over the course of about two years, the artist attended public auctions in Mexico, acquiring a series of assets that had been seized from organized crime by the authorities. His acquisitions then became the primary material for the realization of