K.R.M Mooney at David Dale, Glasgow

Press release: Occupying intermediary positions that vary in scale, Mooney’s sculptures distill both observable and imperceptible properties through placement directly on the floor, overhead, or in passageways. Inheriting architectural details such as the conditions of light or a site’s neighbouring morphologies, each project is a means to revise how attention is paid to the affective,

Rachel Adams at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow

Press release: Working within creative, menial, domestic and administrative labour Rachel Adams’s installation, with iterations in Glasgow and Sheffield, considers the linked systems that govern both the natural and manmade world and the possibilities where the two intersect. We are surrounded by incomprehensible systems, that detail not only the current shifts in society and technology,

Anne Collier at The Modern Institute, Glasgow

Press release: For her second solo exhibition at The Modern Institute and the first in the gallery’s Osborne Street location, the New York-based artist Anne Collier presents a new body of photographic works, including several from her recent series ‘Women Crying’, along with a new 35mm slide-projection piece ‘Women With Cameras (Self Portrait)’ located in

Katja Strunz at The Modern Institute, Glasgow

The Modern Institute is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Dynamic Fatigue Test by Katja Strunz. This exhibition includes a number of new sculptural installations. Central to the exhibition is Strunz’s investigation of the materials the works are made of and the ability of those materials to absorb and resist physical stress. This is evident