Mario Schifano at Gio Marconi, Milan

Press release: Gió Marconi gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Mario Schifano. Something else, dedicated to a group of monochromes from between 1960 and 1962, curated by Alberto Salvadori and in collaboration with the Mario Schifano Archive. Schifano began to make these industrial enamel paintings on canvas-backed paper in 1959, after earlier experiments in Informalism.

Markus Schinwald at Gio Marconi, Milan

Press release: Gió Marconi is very pleased to announce his fourth solo show with Austrian artist Markus Schinwald. Based on interests ranging from psychology and literature to dance and the history of fashion, Schinwald explores the idea of the human body as a cultural construct. Schinwald’s artistic repertoire consists of splayed table leg sculptures, distorted