Alan Ruiz at Bad Reputation, Los Angeles

Press release:Bad Reputation is pleased to present an exhibition of work by New York-based artist Alan Ruiz. Enclosures features a subset from Ruiz’s ongoing project Western Standards which engages the ubiquitous and repeatable systems that shape, condition, and regulate the built environment. Suspended in aluminum molding, transparent and reflective glass projects from the wall at

Teresa Margolles at DAAD, Berlin

Press Release: The daadgalerie presents two new projects by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, created during her stay in Berlin. Teresa Margolles repeatedly addresses feelings of loss, pain, and emptiness provoked by everyday violence and its impact on individual destinies, on families and friends, and on a society in general. She works assiduously against the anonymization

June Crespo at Carreras Mugica, Bilbao

Press release: In an article about Franz Mesmer, the Austrian physiologist who claimed he could cure ailments through channelling “animal magnetism,” writer Christopher Turner says that “The Lyonnais Mesmerists purported that their patients could see their own insides when in somnambulistic trances, and thereby make uncannily accurate self-diagnoses[1].” Likewise, challenging the unidirectionality of vision towards the

Petrit Halilaj at Kamel Mennour, Paris

Press Release: “Everything can change, but not the language that we carry inside us, like a world more exclusive and decisive than one’s mother’s womb.” Italo Calvino, Hermit in Paris Petrit Halilaj’s work is deeply connected with the recent history of his country, Kosovo, and the consequences of the political and cultural tensions in the

Karla Black at Modern Art, London

Press Release: Modern Art is pleased to announce Karla Black’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Karla Black will present a new body of work, made specifically as an attempt to emphasize the importance of mark-making in her practice. In this exhibition, she concentrates specifically on one of the many sculptural problems that preoccupy her:

“DOMESTICITY VI” at Kayu, Bali

Press Release: Kayu – Lucie Fontaine’s branch in Bali, Indonesia – is pleased to present its sixth project, “Domesticity VI”, a two-venue exhibition of international artists on view at Rumah Topeng Dan Wayang [The House of Mask and Puppet] in Bali and at Biasa Art Space in Jakarta, with the presentation of Arahamaiani’s performance as

Caroline Mesquita at T293, Rome

Press Release: On the occasion of a recent show in Vevey (Switzerland), Caroline Mesquita went to Gruyères to visit the house/ museum of HR Giger. Controversial surrealist painter and sculptor and best known for designing the anthropomorphic creature for 1979’s ‘Alien’, Giger is the author of biomechanical creatures and extraterrestrial landscapes characterized by a fascinating

Simon Denny at Fine Arts, Sydney

Press release: Fine Arts, Sydney is presenting a new exhibition of work by Simon Denny, ‘Shenzhen Entrepreneurial Form’. The exhibition comprises freestanding sculptures, works for the wall, and a video. Simon Denny’s recent work has addressed the mainstream cultural influence of tech-related business practices. This exhibition focuses on the Chinese city of Shenzhen as a

Martin Puryear at Parasol unit, London

Press release: Martin Puryear’s first London solo exhibition spans 40 years of the artist’s practice and presents over 30 works of sculpture and rarely seen works on paper. Loaded with a poignant sense of cultural history, Puryear’s abstract sculptures have a unique aesthetic and are meticulously hand-made, most often from wood. Puryear employs traditional techniques

Roman Ondak at Chicago Arts Club, Chicago

Press Release: To celebrate the centennial of Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, The Arts Club of Chicago welcomes an exhibition by acclaimed Slovak artist Roman Ondak. Known for a conceptual oeuvre that draws on both participatory and object-based processes, Ondak interrogates the peculiarities of daily life in a post-Soviet and increasingly global context. For The Arts Club,

Abbas Akhavan at Museum Villa Stuck, Munich

Press release: Abbas Akhavan will present a major solo show at the Museum Villa Stuck, combining older works with pieces created especially for this exhibition. This show, comprising of mostly sculptures and installations, explores issues related to destruction, marginalization as well as acts of preservation and regeneration in the shifting and repurposed spaces of the