Wyatt Kahn at T293, Rome

Wyatt Kahn creates his works by assembling a series of individual panels, different in dimension, size, and shape, juxtaposed to create the illusion of a two-dimensional linear composition. Throughout all of his work, he uses different art devices to create a dichotomy between flatness and the illusion of depth. Informed by traditional painting techniques developed

Michael Dean at Herald St, London

If you say “haha,” aloud, you are not, under any circumstances, laughing. In fact it is something like the opposite of a laugh, the onomatopoeia of a dead laugh. You are laughing at laughing, or at best describing it (‘funny haha’). That is why, in transcriptions of interviews for example, laughter often becomes instead a stage direction,

Ugo Rondinone at Esther Schipper, Berlin

Press release: Working in a variety of media like sculpture, installation, painting, photography and video, Ugo Rondinone has been continuously addressing transient and ephemeral phenomena of time, fleeting emotions and momentous changes in atmosphere and moods of a place. During the last years the artist has captured these themes in a series of sculptures using

Thomas Bayrle at Wiels, Brussels

Press release: WIELS presents the first major retrospective in Belgium by German artist Thomas Bayrle, a pioneer of Pop Art, serial, and new media. WIELS continues its alternative reading of the history of art featuring artists whose work often unrecognized changes our understanding of major changes in the history of art and ideas. Over the