Alan Ruiz at Bad Reputation, Los Angeles

Press release:Bad Reputation is pleased to present an exhibition of work by New York-based artist Alan Ruiz. Enclosures features a subset from Ruiz’s ongoing project Western Standards which engages the ubiquitous and repeatable systems that shape, condition, and regulate the built environment. Suspended in aluminum molding, transparent and reflective glass projects from the wall at

Teresa Margolles at DAAD, Berlin

Press Release: The daadgalerie presents two new projects by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, created during her stay in Berlin. Teresa Margolles repeatedly addresses feelings of loss, pain, and emptiness provoked by everyday violence and its impact on individual destinies, on families and friends, and on a society in general. She works assiduously against the anonymization

June Crespo at Carreras Mugica, Bilbao

Press release: In an article about Franz Mesmer, the Austrian physiologist who claimed he could cure ailments through channelling “animal magnetism,” writer Christopher Turner says that “The Lyonnais Mesmerists purported that their patients could see their own insides when in somnambulistic trances, and thereby make uncannily accurate self-diagnoses[1].” Likewise, challenging the unidirectionality of vision towards the

Petrit Halilaj at Kamel Mennour, Paris

Press Release: “Everything can change, but not the language that we carry inside us, like a world more exclusive and decisive than one’s mother’s womb.” Italo Calvino, Hermit in Paris Petrit Halilaj’s work is deeply connected with the recent history of his country, Kosovo, and the consequences of the political and cultural tensions in the

Jenny Holzer at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock

Press Release: Blenheim Art Foundation is delighted to announce SOFTER: Jenny Holzer at Blenheim Palace. As one of America’s most loved living artists since the 1980s, Holzer’s practice circles around language in order to question systems of power and authority in society. Since 2010, Holzer’s work has been focused particularly on modern conflict. On her

Karla Black at Modern Art, London

Press Release: Modern Art is pleased to announce Karla Black’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Karla Black will present a new body of work, made specifically as an attempt to emphasize the importance of mark-making in her practice. In this exhibition, she concentrates specifically on one of the many sculptural problems that preoccupy her:

Lewis Stein at Essex Street, New York

Press Release: “These pieces have, I believe, broken new ground by simultaneously revealing certain perceptual structures of our experience in the world and new ways of being in the world not previously made evident in any other art practice.” … “What these works have in common and how they are different from previous works: ‘Use

Lucy Skaer at KW, Berlin

Press release: In autumn 2017, KW Institute for Contemporary Art presents the first solo exhibition by British artist Lucy Skaer in Berlin. Comprising of a large body of new work embedded in a selection of existing works from the last ten years, the exhibition presents the most substantial survey of Skaer’s work to date in

Simon Denny at Fine Arts, Sydney

Press release: Fine Arts, Sydney is presenting a new exhibition of work by Simon Denny, ‘Shenzhen Entrepreneurial Form’. The exhibition comprises freestanding sculptures, works for the wall, and a video. Simon Denny’s recent work has addressed the mainstream cultural influence of tech-related business practices. This exhibition focuses on the Chinese city of Shenzhen as a

Hannah Black at Chisenhale, London

Press Release: Chisenhale Gallery presents a new commission and the first solo exhibition in a UK institution by Hannah Black. Some Context is structured around 20,000 copies of The Situation, a book made up of transcribed, edited and censored conversations between the artist and friends about ‘the situation’. This theme is interpreted differently in each

Willem de Rooij at KW, Berlin

Press Release: Willem de Rooij (born 1969 in Beverwijk, NL) investigates the production, contextualization, and interpretation of images. His multifaceted practice includes photography, films, videos, sculpture, sound recordings, and writing. Appropriated materials, such as found images, objects borrowed from art historical or ethnographic collections, or works by other artists play an important role. De Rooij’s works

Barbara Kruger at Sprüth Magers, Berlin

Press Release: Sprüth Magers presents FOREVER, a new site-specific work by Barbara Kruger. For this installation, which occupies all four walls and the floor of the Berlin gallery’s main exhibition space, the artist has created one of her immersive room-wraps and several new vinyl works. Their boldly designed textual statements on the nature of truth,