Anna-Sophie Berger at Cell Project Space, London

Press release: A Failed Play is Anna-Sophie Berger’s first solo exhibition in London. The new installation includes wall mounted prints drawn from archival material documenting the production of the artist’s 2013 project ‘fashion is fast’ (a 36 piece fashion collection) as well as two new individual sculptures. ‘It won’t rain’ repurposes industrial material – composed

Anna-Sophie Berger at Emanuel Layr, Rome

Press release: lopsided = einseitig, schief paltry = armselig, erbärmlich, dürftig schist = Schiefer to concoct = zubereiten, aushecken, zurechtlegen clairvoyant = hellsichtig February 2017 lump = Klumpen, Knolle, Brocken, Kloß, Geschwulst to eviscerate = ausweiden, vernichten barren = karg, öde, dürr corollary = Begleiteffekt, -resultat lackluster = lustlos, glanzlos, farblos to get words in