Teresa Margolles at DAAD, Berlin

Press Release: The daadgalerie presents two new projects by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, created during her stay in Berlin. Teresa Margolles repeatedly addresses feelings of loss, pain, and emptiness provoked by everyday violence and its impact on individual destinies, on families and friends, and on a society in general. She works assiduously against the anonymization

Simon Fujiwara at Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz

Press Release: The project isn’t a parody of capitalism, it shows capitalism. -Simon Fujiwara Hope House is a full-scale replica of the Anne Frank House Museum reconstructed within the Kunsthaus Bregenz. A building within a building, a museum within a museum, the ambitious installation takes its inspiration from a ‘build your own’ model kit of

Olivier Mosset at Massimo De Carlo, Milan

Press release: Olivier Mosset is well known for his minimalist practice that investigates conceptual abstraction through painting. The artist explores a variety of monochrome colour blocks, surfaces, geometrical patterns, and dimensions via methodical repetition of gestures: a radical and dynamic approach to the canvas; that refuses any form of subjectivity. The exhibition is structured as

Michael Sailstorfer at Carbon 12-Unit 37, Dubai

Press release: German artist Michael Sailstorfer’s We Love Them All tackles formalist concerns through amorphous ceramic masks mottled with glaze drips and marbling. A continuation of his 2015 metal mask series, the reductionist stylization nods towards Oceanic and African Art with slits to recall mouths, surface manipulations to indicate eyes, and pointed protrusions to suggest

“A Curius Herbal” at Garden, Los Angeles

Press release: Garden returns with A Curious Herbal, a group exhibition that investigates varying approaches to botanical representation. Utilizing imagery of flowers, fauna, fruits, and plants, the works included invoke themes of utility and ornament, preservation and mortality, collection and the Archive, arrangement and display. A Curious Herbal features work by Genevieve Belleveau, Brian Khek,