Contemporaneities welcome submissions of exhibitions for consideration.

If your show is currently on view, please write to: contemporaneities[at]

On your e-mail(s) please include the press release or the exhibition’s text, the name of the Artist(s), the name of the Venue, Exhibitions title, the name(s) of the Curator(s) and the opening and closing dates of the exhibition.
On group shows, please provide us with a check list.
Then, attach a WeTransfer or a dropbox link with:

JPG images from installation views and images of individual works in the exhibition. All images must be sent to us in high resolution (minimum 2000px).

If the exhibition contains video file, please send it via Vimeo links.

Please notice that due to high volume of submissions we can’t reply to every message, but thank you for your interest in Contemporaneities!