“Social Geometrism” at Reinbeckhallen Foundation-Collection of Contemporary Art, Berlin

Press release:

2017 is a landmark year for Kunst am Spreeknie as it celebrates the 10th anniversary, a decade studying art and artists working on the southeastern banks of the river Spree.

The Art festival contains a story which underlines the ability of the artistic community of Schoeneweide to organize, evolve, claim space, overcome bureaucratic barriers, and overturn established values.

2017 is not a year of exceptions.

A number of changes that enhance the progressive side of the festival accompany the celebration. On this occasion, it focuses on its extroversion.

In order to coincide with one of the largest Berlin art events, the Gallery Weekend, new dates were determined. Furthermore, the collaboration with the new arrival in the area, the Foundation Reinbeckhallen-Collection for Contemporary Art, is one of the novelties standing out.

Additionally, this year format will not be limited to open studios and their extensions. The central show (Saloon), dedicated to artists working in Schoeneweide, is replaced by a thematic one that does not undergo geographical limitations.

The aim of these changes is to create an innovative and very influential festival that can increase public engagement. The goal is to bring pioneer artistic projects, collaborate with major art organizations, encourage the local creativity, and upgrade the festival’s cultural mission for a more productive relationship with the citizens of the area.

The new direction fully expresses the vision of the new group of creatives which were invited during the fall of 2016 to undertake the administration.

The title that accompanies this documentation serves symbolically to this new direction.

Social Geometrism

The theme of this year came as an extension of Social Geometry, a term which was introduced by the American sociologist Donald Black in an effort to measure social morphology.

Black’s model was a cluster composed of geometrical forms which were intended to symbolize and interpret social phenomena. The multidimensional geometric amalgams that arose were designed to convey the real space and, at the same time, stand as a new type of geography.

Living at a time in which our existence is structured by the arrival of new technological forces, the social patterns are evolving in unprecedented ways. ‘’Social Geometrism’’ aims to explore and highlight aspects of those new spatiotemporal configurations. This exhibition brings together lines, solids, surfaces, and more complex polyhedral figures that present themselves as sociological models. Through the display of international Berlin-based artists dealing with a different approach to materiality, a multidimensional environment emerges exposing the viewer to new problematics.

-KASK team 2017

Artist: Sophie Erlund, Felix Kiessling, Ignacio Uriarte, Raul Walch, Stephen Kent, Ossian Fraser, Gonzalo Reyes Araos, Jennifer Oellerich, Florian Schmidt, Nadine Fecht, Francisco Rozas, Juan Varela, Panagiotis Margaritis.
Venue: Reinbeckhallen Foundation -Collection of Contemporary Art
Exhibition title: Social Geometrism
Initiated by: Kunstamspreeknie.org
Date: April 28 – May 7, 2017


Exhibition at the Reinbeckhallen Art Labartwork named path 183 without peopletwo people interacting in the path 183work ceiling on the Art Lab at Reinbeckhallenartwork named ceiling by ossian frasertwo paintings made of mosaicdiagonal mechanical column in the Art Labmother png in the art labUntitled work by francisco rozas in the artlabtwo mosaic captive imageswhite relief call a gentle monumentalisma gentle monumentalism by sophie erlundfront view of event halleSequences by Vanessa Enriquezsequences black by vanessa enriquezweltwasserspiegelsenkung by felix chiseling in berlinweltwasserspiegelsenkung on the event hallestudies on a divisioner in the event halle of Reinbeckhallendetail view of studies on a divisionerAnti sun by Felix Kiessling in Berlin




Press release and images provided by the event.
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