Sarah Lucas at CFA, Berlin

Press release:
Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to announce the exhibition “FunQRoc” with Sarah Lucas.
An organic programme of events, concerts, collective art-making, and meals directed by the artist and Julian Simmons took place at CFA-Charlottenburg on the occasion of the Easter weekend.
Characteristic of Sarah Lucas’s practice is the use of simple, everyday materials and objects. With food products, discarded furniture and found objects the artist creates fresh, provocative objects that, in her frequently macabre quality, develop word play and explore difficult themes of subjective and collective experiences. In her work, female and male bodies are constantly fragmented and reduced to placeholders, opening up the field for ambivalent associations and interpretations.
The work-in-progress situation on the first floor of CFA´s new space in Charlottenburg invited artists and friends to take part both as models or “acteurs” during the 4-day project. The artist created the works in part over the course of two weeks in Berlin, incorporating her signature use of everyday materials such as concrete, tights, and found domestic objects.
Some of the works were completed during communal happenings throughout the holiday weekend. On the occasion of the opening on Holy Thursday, the artist washed the feet of friends. On Friday afternoon, a concert was held at Monarch Berlin where the bands 100% Beefcock and the Titsburster, Arthur and the Spooners, Didi Kern and Philipp Quehenberger, and Anus Riot, invited by the artist, performed. “1000 Eggs,” a happening directed by the artist on Saturday, invited women to participate in action-painting, in the form of throwing hundreds of eggs against a wall, related to the plaster bust of Angela Bulloch (“ANGEL BULLOCH”). An “open-mic” took place in the gallery on Sunday, during which friends of the artist, including Russell Haswell and Sue Thompkins, Rohan Whealleans, and Phil Dirtbox performed their own work – poems, music, and visual work – followed by action-painting, “Ejaculation,” inviting men to gently shower Silver Hippy in paint. Throughout the entire weekend, Indian food by chef Arfa Mizra was prepared and served on-site.
“FunQRoc” is the artist’s sixth exhibition with Contemporary Fine Arts and will be on view during Berlin Gallery Weekend 2017.

Artist: Sarah Lucas
Venue: CFA, Berlin
Exhibition Title: FunQRoc
Date: April 14 – June 3, 2017


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