Sanya Kantarovsky at Marc Foxx, Los Angeles

Press release:

Gushers are rectangular shaped snacks made from sugar and fruit juice, with small amounts of other ingredients. These may include—but are not limited to—embarrassment, thwarted plans, swollen glands, unpleasant sexual encounters, arrests, indifference in the face of disaster, childish tastes, wet hands and questionable intentions.
Surrounded by a chewy gelatinous sugar coating, the center of the Gusher is a thick, sweet, content-rich liquid. When one bites into the saccharine snack, the liquid inside “gushes” out—hence the name. Yet the full impact is achieved in the sequence of gushes, conveying meaning, as with the Kuleshov Effect in film editing, through the course of juxtaposition.
Laden with confectionary history, the Gusher is burdened as well with the impossible task of conveying sweetness in a largely bitter and disenchanted world, a world overwhelmed with familiar pictures of unfamiliar people. Each Gusher packs a memory of itself, staining the tongue with streaks of saturated color, issuing a syrupy nostalgia for gushiness itself—abated only by the hope that some still remain in the pack.

Artist: Sanya Kantarovsky
Venue: Marc Foxx, Los Angeles
Exhibition Title: Gushers
Date: January 9 – February 7, 2015

Photography: Rober Wedemeyer
Text (press release) and images, provided by the event.
© the artist and Marc Foxx, Los Angeles.