David Hanes at Open Forum, Berlin

Press release: Ice was the nature of his game. Seen as leagues of corridor, mazes of shadow. Walls that flick away like supersonic butterflies made of shade. Beyond them, the illusion of infinite space. Black ice. Don’t think about it. Black ice. Too many stories; black ice. Frost that kills. Black ice. Illegal, but then

Lee Kit at Hara Museum, Tokyo

Press release: This autumn, the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art will present Lee Kit ‘We used to be more sensitive.,’ the first exhibition to be held at a Japanese museum by the Hong Kong-born and Taipei-based artist. Born in 1978, Lee Kit creates works that constantly explore the expressive potential of painting. These include a

Julian Stair at Corvi-Mora, London

Press release: “Equivalence” explores archetypal domesticity through the contrast of scale, allowing the familiar to be experienced as pure form. Reciprocity, give and take, the sensory and social rituals enacted through our engagement with ceramic pots are the starting point for Stair’s phenomenological investigation of the tactile and the transcendent, the visual and the visceral.

Alisa Baremboym at Konrad Fischer Galerie, Berlin

Press release: Alisa Baremboym’s first solo exhibition at Konrad Fischer Galerie, Between States, continues the investigation of themes long seen in her work. Focused on creating transitional moments of “becoming”, and applying a wide array of materials: ceramics, steel, gelling agents, silk, and cables, with unlikely partners such as vinyl, plastic, and crude-oil by-product, her

kennardphillips at EXILE, Vienna

Press release: With the exhibition Americas Greatest Hits the London-based artist duo kennardphillipps are responding to the rise of right-wing populism, not just in Austria but around the globe. The fragility of democracy and the dangerous undercurrents of current political speech and institutional violence stand at the center of this exhibition produced specifically for, and

The Great Archipelago at Kayu, Bali

Press release: Kayu is pleased to present “The Great Archipelago,” its eighth project, which consists of an international group exhibition including contributions by Arahmaiani, Ashley Bickerton, Dora Budor, Marco Cassani, Rafram Chaddad + Rirkrit Tiravanija, Fendry Ekel, Michal Helfman, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Rochelle Goldberg, Filippo Sciascia, and Entang Wiharso. The exhibition is part of the first

Karl Holmqvist at dépendance, Brussels

  Press release: dépendance is pleased to present ‘One Child per Household’, gallery artist Karl Holmqvist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition evolves in several parts: three pieces of second hand furniture – two sofas and one chaise longue – have been reupholstered in a recently produced woven wool fabric in six different