Noah Barker at Fanta, Milan

Press release:
The work of Noah Barker incorporates a distanciated logic in relation to context and intention as a shadow of structural condition. An enduring deferral exceeds a just-in-time arithmetic while the supplement, echo, and re-arrival are latent motifs in a practice sustained by prior productions of itself and others.

For Fanta, Barker has proposed a publishing pavilion against the idea of a publishing house for the reintroduction of a text trapped in time. Manfredo Tafuri’s “Lavoro intellettuale e sviluppo capitalistico” (“Intellectual Labor and Capitalist Development”) was originally printed in the pages of Contropiano following his earlier and more famous “Per una Critica dell’Ideologia Architettonica” (“For a Critique of Architectural Ideology”). Over the course of the exhibition the text will be translated into English for the first time by architect Alessandro Bava and updated with the artist. The gallery is staged for the reception of the republication in regular installments, while the finalized manuscript is held in suspension by the rights holder.

Noah Barker lives and works in New York. Recent solo exhibitions include Lodos, Mexico City (2019); Air de Paris, Paris (2018); Éclair, Berlin (2017); AndNow, Dallas (2016).

Artist: Noah Barker
Venue: Fanta, Milan
Exhibition title: We walked toward the music and away from the party
Date: May 4 – June 29, 2019

Photography: Roberto Marossi.
Text/Press release and images provided by the event.
© Noah Barker; Fanta, Milan ITALY E.U.