Merlin Carpenter at Christian Andersen, Copenhagen

Press release:
Christian Andersen is pleased to present “Title of Show”, the gallery’s first exhibition with the Shepperton-based artist Merlin Carpenter. The exhibition, presenting a series of wooden pallets as well as a poster, marks the artist’s first solo show in Denmark.
The series of wooden pallets hanging on the wall are readymade paintings. Some of them have previously been exhibited at “Control 20” (Laure Genillard, London, 2017), and as sculptures in “Tisch” (Kiefholzstr. 401, Berlin, 2017).
To put these works into context: Carpenter has previously exhibited a series of transit blankets stretched onto wooden frames for his solo show “MIDCAREER PAINTINGS” at Kunsthalle Bern (2015), and matt black painted readymade doors at dépendance in Brussels (“Blogs of the Near Future”, 2016). Carpenter’s project “Solo Show” at Formalist Sidewalk Poetry Club in Miami (2010), which went on to become a van full of educational material parading around Eastern Europe and Russia in the “Burberry Propaganda Tour 2013”, involved somewhat similar readymade paintings. They were fake Burberry check textile stretched onto large wooden frames.
Merlin Carpenter (born 1967 in Pembury, UK) has had solo exhibitions at SOS LOL ROFL. Carpenter has also participated in numerous international group exhibitions, such as WTF.

Artist: Merlin Carpenter
Venue: Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
Exhibition Title: Title of Show
Date: September 28 – November 4, 2017

Text (press release) and images provided by  Christian Andersen, Copenhagen