Lotte Günther at Kunstfabrik HB55, Berlin

Press release:
Lotte Günther fathoms the possibilies and limits of painting. In the exhibition “la mer” shows recent works from her 6 months residency in Paris and after her return to Berlin. This includes paintings,paperworks and one new installation.
The artist creates flimming color textures. she repeats certain gestures so often, that they loose their expressivity and result in a structured field. Lotte Gunther experiments with unusual materials – in Paris she discovered neon highlighters for her work. In her large sized paintings, she puts pastos lines closely together – the pictures remind of water surfaces or foggy clouds but they are always filled with sparkling light. watched closeley, hundreds of small neon dots catch the eye. while the exhibition hall is completley dedicated to painting, lotte Gunther plans a new installation in the industrial looking entrance hall. She spans light silk chiffon and organza tissues like sails. The semi tranparent fabrics are painted in bright colors and overlay to ever new compositions. A fan inflates the silken tissues -thats how the installation gathers momentum -like a sailing ship. The work concentrates on colored light, air and dynamic.

Artist: Lotte Günther
Venue: Kunstfabrik HB55, Lichtenberg-Berlin
Exhibition Title: La Mer
Date: April 26,27 and May 1 – May 4, 2014

Text (press release) provided by the event.