Jim Isermann at Mary Boone, New York

Drawing on the legacy of mid-20th century California artists, the work of Palm Springsbased Jim Isermann is informed by the projected optimism, clean lines, and new materials of Modernism. Isermann stakes his own territory by enlisting the vocabulary of design to create works that are unashamedly beautiful, a beauty that is integral to the limitations and specific characteristics of fabrication. His work has matured from didactic representations of the failure of Modernism to the embodiment of pure design, works that blur the boundaries of art, design, and architecture.

For his first exhibition at Mary Boone Gallery, Isermann transforms the soaring trussedroof space by installing a standard off-the-shelf drop ceiling grid and five hundred custom translucent vacuum-formed styrene panels. Each modular unit is one of four variations of planes that tilt in or out in a configuration in which the divisions engage the ceiling grid in the overall patterning. Suspended below the vast skylight, the daylong transition from natural light to incandescent fixtures will backlight the panels and add another dimension to the panels’ orientation and repetition. The drop ceiling’s compression of vertical space and the walls left bare alter the viewers’ perception of the Gallery’s function, evoking instead an Op-Minimalist lecture hall or airport concourse.

Artist: Jim Isermann

Venue: Mary Boone, New York

Date: October 29 – December 17, 2011

Images courtesy of Mary Boone, New York