Isabelle Cornaro at 1m3, Lausanne

«Movement is all approach as gap, approach with caution, away with desire. It assumes a contact, but it supposes interrupted, if not broken, lost, impossible to the end.»
Georges Didi-Huberman.
Le vertige de la moraine is based on the mechanical device of sedimentation as an arrangement principle. Moraine is a shape consisting of two movements; rubble deposited by the glacier, then torn from the mountain when he retires. A circulation regulated by rhythms with pauses, or frozen frames.
Any staging is an act of enunciation. Isabelle Cornaro classes objects to name them depending on the category they belong. Here, found objects, mechanical fragments and molds. The idea of the object, and dizziness caused by his infinite enumeration.
Temporality is fragmented and circular, frontal viewpoint, movement in space, then movement between categories of objects. The time of the vision and the time of the experiment. These reversals of perspective causes a doubling effect, distancing, to capture the self-evident.
-Jeanne Graff

Artist: Isabelle Cornaro
Venue: 1m3, Lausanne
Exhibition Title: Du cinematique
Date: February 3 – March 18, 2011

Images courtesy of 1m3, Lausanne