“Imitatio Christie’s (partoftheprocess6)” at Zero, Milan

Press release:
ZERO … is pleased to present Imitatio Christie’s (partoftheprocess6). The exhibition is the sixth episode of a project that develops over time and that imagines to condense, through a chain of poetic events, the description of a vision. All this by leaving open to “chance” some variables that are a structural part in defining the final form (impossible to imagine a priori). The recording of the present (processuality, linked to the idea of vitality and dynamism) is the pivot around which moves the material development of the exhibition and tends to represent the image itself (even though, by definition, only for a fragment of time). Visitors will be offered a sensory experience in relation to the passage of time during the day and the changing of light conditions. The naturalness of the daytime and the artificiality of the night.
The sense of incompleteness of some works (which will be completed during the show itself) is an important element in this effort to catalyze the flow of things in a poetic (and physical) description.
Catherine Ahearn contributes to the show with a “soap painting”, a work created from colorful soap bars whose fragrance introduces an olfactory dimension in the exhibition.
Micol Assaël presents a collage born from the desire to fix in time an accidental encounter between different elements. The peculiarity of the materials and the memory that they retain activate the work, making it alive.
Mark Barrow continues his research on color and abstraction in a site-specific installation, creating a mosaic on a window of the exhibition space.
Sebastian Black presents two paintings created especially for the exhibition. The practice of the artist develops from a continuous research of the boundaries between abstraction and figuration. Abstract shapes follow each other on the canvas, outlining landscapes and characters that, not without irony, recur obsessively in the artistʼs works.
Victor Man contributes to the exhibition with a precious assemblage, to be discovered in one of the niches of the space.
Ylva Ogland uses the language of painting to explore a very intimate and private universe. For the exhibition the artist decided to reproduce her own studio, and to present a number of paintings and objects that refer to autobiographical episodes. The presence of the artist during the installation and the opening of the exhibition, as well as the traces left by her passage, enrich the work with a performative dimension.
Jurgen Ots presents two works from the series Periaqueductal Gray. The starting point of these works are projection screens, that the artist collects and cut into thin strips. Combining strips of screens belonging to different periods and with different states of wear, the artist creates three- dimensional surfaces that record the passage of light and reflect on issues such as processuality, memory and the passing of time.
Pietro Roccasalva presents a new painting part of the series of theTraviatori, one of the recurring subjects of his research. Painting is the center of the artist’s practice, which then develops through different media. In particular, since the artist uses a glass without no non-glare filter, elements such as the changing light conditions and the point of view of the spectator influence the experience of the work.
Michael E. Smith creates works from domestic materials and tools, altering them in their original form and function and turning them into objects that keep traces of the passage of time. The artist presents in the exhibition a video, in which a few brief moments are repeated in a continuous loop, amplifying their evocative power.
Mungo Thomson presents some works from the project Crickets (2012-2013). The artist has collected field recordings of crickets from all over the world, and has then developed a musical score for an orchestra, in which different musical instruments try to reproduce the call of these insects. In the exhibition there is a selection of the pages taken from the score, as well as some cricket cages, from which comes out a music that provides a sound background for the show.

Artists: Catharine Ahearn, Micol Assaël, Mark Barrow, Sebastian Black, Victor Man, Ylva Ogland, Jurgen Ots, Pietro Roccasalva, Michael E. Smith, Mungo Thomson
Venue: Zero, Milan
Exhibition Title: Imitatio Christie’s (partoftheprocess6)
Date: March 28 – April 24, 2014

Text (press release) and images, provided by the event.
©The Artists