Benjamin Hirte at Emanuel Layr, Vienna

Press release: It was a big year for New York’s Lower East Side. Not only did the neighborhood witness the construction of First Houses in 1936, the frst public housing units ever built in the United States. Moreover, the very same New Deal policies which realized public housing also funded the building of Hamilton Fish

John Akomfrah at Secession, Vienna

Press release: The filmmaker and screenwriter John Akomfrah’s atmospheric films probe the structure of memory, the diasporic experiences of migrants, and the historical, social, and political roots of postcolonialism. A founding member of the influential Black Audio Film Collective (1982–1998), he continues to work with his long-term creative partners David Lawson and Lina Gopaul. Early

Fernanda Gomes at Secession, Vienna

Press release: Since the 1980s, Fernanda Gomes has used ordinary and affordable materials to make objects and bricolages (always untitled) whose formal idiom recalls Arte Povera, minimalism, and Brazilian Constructivism. Her exhibitions often consist of an abundance of objects scattered across the floor and walls, gathered in clusters or rhythmically organized arrangements. Leftovers and lost,

kennardphillips at EXILE, Vienna

Press release: With the exhibition Americas Greatest Hits the London-based artist duo kennardphillipps are responding to the rise of right-wing populism, not just in Austria but around the globe. The fragility of democracy and the dangerous undercurrents of current political speech and institutional violence stand at the center of this exhibition produced specifically for, and

Kate Newby at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

Press release: Kunsthalle Wien presents Kate Newby’s first institutional solo exhibition in Austria. The artist’s works are created in response to specific environments and relate to the site and time of their presentation. They bring the outside world into the exhibition space, transcend the spatial limits of the exhibition room, invite viewers to discover what

Albert Mertz at Croy Nielsen, Vienna

Press release: Croy Nielsen is pleased to present the second solo show of Albert Mertz (DK, 1920 – 1990) at the gallery. The main-feature of the exhibition is the spatial installation Dekonstruktion af maleriets møblement (Deconstruction of the furnishing of painting), which Mertz realized for the first time in 1974 at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen. It

Jean-Luc Moulène at Secession, Vienna

Press release: What goes beyond the exhibition as an artwork is the program as an artwork. (Jean-Luc Moulène) For over thirty years, in an oeuvre that is broadly diversified in both subject and mediums employed, Jean-Luc Moulène has been exploring the nature of artistic work and what it means. He works with a variety of

Francis Alÿs at Secession, Vienna

Press release: Francis Alÿs is known for his discreet performative solo actions as well as for coordinating large-scale collective allegorical events. In Le temps du sommeil, the centerpiece of this exhibition, he presents a work whose subtlety and inscrutable quality make it a paradigmatic example of his oeuvre at large. Le temps du sommeil (1996–)

Plamen Dejanoff at 21er Haus, Vienna

Press Release: Foundation Requirements Elements from the spheres of art, consumerism, and everyday life have figured equally in the post-conceptual artistic practice of Plamen Dejanoff (b. in Sofia in 1970, lives and works in Vienna). Such methods as branding, image transfer, and reference to his own content as well as that of others are further

Cao Fei at Secession, Vienna

Press release: Cao Fei is one of the most outstanding Chinese artists today. Her artistic approach is characterized by a high degree of innovation and her love of experimentation, and her work reflects this in its variety. She produces multimedia installations, videos, and large-format photography. In her most encompassing work to date, RMB City (2008–2011),

Tony Conrad at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

Press release: For his exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz Tony Conrad will further develop his ongoing concerns with a variety of power structures – here in particular those surrounding notions of confinement, and transparency – both in terms of social constructs and those imposed by the various media he employs. Among the works in this

Liz Deschenes at Secession, Vienna

Liz Deschenes’s photographic oeuvre deals with the conditions of photography and its components, with perception and the correlation to other artistic media, and with the architecture within which her works are shown. Her works allow a self-referential look at the medium, liberated of its functions, taking its own conditions as its theme. For some years

Stephen Prina at Secession, Vienna

The work of American artist, musician, and composer Stephen Prina is characterized by his appropriation of works by other artists, which he then places in new contexts. This is also the approach taken in his new project As He Remembered It, developed specially for the Hauptraum at the Secession, and in the four new works in