Keiichi Tanaami at Nanzuka, Tokyo

Press release: NANZUKA is pleased to announce “Passage in the Air (1975-1993),” a retrospective exhibition with Keiichi Tanaami that focuses on a collection of the artist’s works produced between the late 1970s and the early 1990s. Keiichi Tanaami was born in Tokyo in 1936 and graduated from Musashino Art University. He has been active in

Yuki Okumura at Misako & Rosen, Tokyo

Press release: Roman Ondák plays a vital role in the creation of Measuring Roman Ondák(2015), by Japanese artist Yuki Okumura (b. 1978). During the exhibition, should he choose to accept an invitation to present himself, an attendant will mark Roman Ondák’s height, first name, and date of the measurement on the gallery wall. Beginning as