Mona Hatoum at Chantal Crousel, Paris

Press release: Galerie Chantal Crousel is pleased to present Mona Hatoum’s 7th solo exhibition, from October 12 to December 21, 2019. New sculptures, installations, and works on paper are presented. Mona Hatoum’s art reflects on world conflicts, migrations, and surveillance, using materials as varied as steel, brick, concrete, and human hair, in order to create

Jef Geys at Air de Paris, Paris

Press release: In 1998, Jef Geys travelled to Lisbon, hometown of the legendary fado singer Amália Rodrigues (1920–1999), who holds a fascination for him. During his brief «rest and relaxation» stay he took dozens of photographs: not at all your standard tourist stuff, but over and over shadows cast on pavements and walls. The same

Anne Neukamp at Valentin, Paris

Press release: Anne Neukamp’s painting is structured around different planes that reveal both a play of motifs and a unique pictorial process. So the temptation arises to conduct a cross-sectional analysis like a geologist, to record the successive strata, or reveal the artist’s various approaches and influences. In the decryption game, the rendering of the

Tarik Kiswanson at Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard, Paris

Press release: Tarik Kiswanson’s artistic practice—which encompasses sculpture, performance, and poetry—evinces an engagement with the poetics of métissage: a means of writing and surviving between multiple conditions and contexts. This crossroad, as cultural studies scholar Paul Gilroy writes, “is a special location where unforeseen, magical things can happen.” The reduction, refraction, multiplication and disintegration of

Petrit Halilaj at Kamel Mennour, Paris

Press Release: “Everything can change, but not the language that we carry inside us, like a world more exclusive and decisive than one’s mother’s womb.” Italo Calvino, Hermit in Paris Petrit Halilaj’s work is deeply connected with the recent history of his country, Kosovo, and the consequences of the political and cultural tensions in the

Cerith Wyn Evans at Marian Goodman, Paris

Press release: ‘As if perhaps the works are ‘formed’ out of ‘sight’ and ‘without’ mind, somehow? Or perhaps best to invoke the ‘Sonic Aspect’ of the works: Chandeliers are ‘driven’ by signals generated by my piano playing (duet)… The ‘Glass Speaker’ assemblage reflects a fractured text and provides ’accompaniment’… The flutes function as some Orphic

Oscar Murillo at Jeu de Paume, Paris

Press release: Making use of its immediate environment, the work of Oscar Murillo (born in 1986) indexes the quotidian moments of life. Unfolding inside and outside the artist’s studio, the work is formed through the direct actions of drawing, painting, filming and writing. Working across media, Murillo’s practice is often composed of the raw materials

Leonor Antunes at Air de Paris, Paris

Press release: Acrotony is the tendency of most trees and plants to give nutritional priority to the lateral shoots nearest the apex of the main shoot – to put the emphasis on spiritual nourishment, you might say. It also provides Leonor Antunes with an opportunity to reflect on the colonisation of plants: not only directly

Tino Sehgal at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Press Release: Palais de Tokyo presents an exhibition conceived by Tino Sehgal (born in Britain in 1976, lives in Berlin). The second in a series of “carte blanche” shows begun with Philippe Parreno in 2013, Sehgal presents his works alongside works of other artists he has invited in a sprawling mise-en-scene that unfolds through the

Michelangelo Pistoletto at VNH Gallery, Paris

Press release: Organized thematically in three sections representing the three primary areas of the artist’s investigation — Art, Education and Politics — the exhibition presents a selection of Pistoletto’s historical creations in parallel with recent or unpublished works, some of which have been produced specifically for this occasion. At the gallery’s entrance, visitors will be

Dorothy Iannone at Air de Paris, Paris

Press release: Air de Paris and Dorothy Iannone are pleased to invite you to the artist’s second solo exhibition at Air de Paris, with works spanning the period 1961–2015: paintings, drawings, films, objects and books, all with a markedly narrative and overtly autobiographical visual feel. An exhilarating ode to an unbridled sexuality and the celebration