Tobias Hoffknecht at A+B, Brescia

Press release: A+B presents the new solo show by Tobias Hoffkencht, German artist born in 1987 in Bochum; he graduated in Dusseldorf, where he currently lives and works. On Saturday the 6th of October opens his first personal show at the gallery, where there will be presented three original sculptures designed and created to perceptively

Jiří Kovanda at Black Cube, Denver

Press release: Kovanda will fly from Prague to Denver in September with only materials and no sense of the exhibition’s physical location August 27, 2018 – Denver, CO – Jiří Kovanda, an internationally recognized performance artist, is heading from Prague to Denver next month for his first American exhibition outside of New York City. But,

Rachel Adams at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow

Press release: Working within creative, menial, domestic and administrative labour Rachel Adams’s installation, with iterations in Glasgow and Sheffield, considers the linked systems that govern both the natural and manmade world and the possibilities where the two intersect. We are surrounded by incomprehensible systems, that detail not only the current shifts in society and technology,

Ian Waelder at Centro Párraga, Murcia

Press release: We tend to think of cities as more or less ordered compositions of buildings, roads, streets, squares, bridges, tunnels, roundabouts and parks. The last of these seem to tell us that the traditional division between culture and nature has been another of our many epistemological fictions. The other elements, in contrast, help us

Julia Scher at DREI, Cologne

Press release: One night an Alexa owner was woken at 3 am realising the device was talking to itself about an unknown person called David. Supposedly, Alexa was turned off and later showed no recording of a prompt that was set earlier that night. Assuming reddit users tell the truth, the person was understandably creeped

BB5000 at Horizont Gallery, Budapest

Press release: Horizont Gallery is pleased to announce BB5000: “Campari”, the first solo exhibition with the gallery by the Italian artist group, curated by Domenico de Chirico. « Futurists had a clear and sharp understanding that our age, the big industrial age, the age of the working metropolis, this intense and tumultuous life had to

Mariana Silva at fluent, Santander

Press release: fluent is pleased to present For​ More information​, Mariana Silva’s first solo exhibition in Spain. The installation is the outcome of a two-week writing residency focused on the textual basis of Silva’s ongoing project​Friends of Interpretable Objects ​(2013 – …). For this specific iteration of the project, the artist proposes a reading room

Isabel Legate at And Now, Dallas

Press release: 1: Center moves south 2: A bright white sense of annihilation whose blinding, milky brilliance is enough to make the want dissolve 3: Warm red nodule sets along the iris 4: The excess of the eye becomes void 5: Buttergush 6: Rolling in and fuzzing out Artist: Isabel Legate Venue: And Now, Dallas

Felix Treadwell at L21 Gallery, Mallorca

Press release: L21 is happy to present the exhibition “Dark Age” by Felix Treadwell (Buxted, UK, 1992). The world seems familiar, yet sinister somehow. For here, it is always dark, while the constant wind is harsh and cold. The only protection is their blue puffa jacket. They stand still isolated, waiting for something we do