Marlon de Azambuja at Galeria Miejska Arsenal, Poznan

Press release: Medio Cuerpo (Half Body) is a project that focuses on fascination with architecture and our ability to experience it physically. Various forms and levels of interpreting space are merging with each other, forming one whole. Rigid architectural divisions, soft organic forms, imagined architecture, light, consciousness… We are invited to gradually experience various forms,

Life Sport at Point Chaud, Lausanne

Press release: Since 2015, the art space Life Sport in Athens has been organizing exhibitions and events that are funded through selling sweatpants editions and sweatpants collections. The sweatpants are home-made and locally produced. Life Sport is therefore as much a sportswear brand as an artist collective; an exhibition space as a shop; a relaxed

Anna Diehl at SALTS, Birsfelden

Press release: The work of Anna Diehl is about exploring the capacity of painting, as a medium, but also as a conceptual space, to challenge the transition from the familiar to the undefinable. In other words, her paintings very often navigate and blur the passage from figuration to non-figuration. Both terms, when thinking about art

Tania Pérez Córdova at Kunsthalle Basel, Basel

Press release: Tania Pérez Córdova (*1979) makes an art of turning ordinary materials into conceptual sculptures. In her first institutional solo show in Europe, the Mexican artist prepares an exquisite, minimal installation in the upper skylight galleries that mines distinctions between original and copy, the authentic and the ersatz through a body of newly commissioned

David Hartt at Oakville Galleries, Ontario

Press release: Over the past ten years, the films and photographs of Montreal-born, Philadelphia-based artist David Hartt have explored how social values are expressed in the built environment. Whether considering the offices of the Johnson Publishing Company—home to Ebony and Jet magazines—or reflecting on unrealized urban plans for post-war Athens and Detroit, Hartt’s work looks