Wyatt Kahn at T293, Rome

Wyatt Kahn creates his works by assembling a series of individual panels, different in dimension, size, and shape, juxtaposed to create the illusion of a two-dimensional linear composition. Throughout all of his work, he uses different art devices to create a dichotomy between flatness and the illusion of depth. Informed by traditional painting techniques developed

Etel Adnan at Sfeir-Semler, Beirut

Born in Beirut in 1925, Etel Adnan is a painter and writer, widely recognized as one of the foremost authors, poets and playwrights of her generation in the region. Leaving Lebanon in 1949, she studied literature and philosophy first at the Sorbonne and then at Harvard University in the late 50s. Adnan later settled on

Aloïs Godinat at La Salle de Bains, Lyon

After a crouching artist, some pink monochromes, and a choir, all recently shown at the Circuit Contemporary Art Centre in Lausanne, Aloïs Godinat is occupying the La Salle de bains venue in Lyon with a score and some systematic visual and acoustic sequences, which are at once intense and minimal. Between repetition, amplification and condensation,

Lutz Bacher at Portikus, Frankfurt

Lutz Bacher, who lives between Berkeley and New York City, occupies an important position in contemporary artistic practice. As an artist whose nationality, age and gender have been occluded for over four decades, her work becomes as much a refuge as a vehicle to respond liberally to the urgency of political and social conditions, especially

Dave Hullfish Bailey at Malmö Konsthall

In Dave Hullfish Bailey’s complex installations he incorporates everything from photography, film, words, sand, grass and grain to drawings and ready-made objects. A turning point in his practice is architecture, especially modernist architecture, and alternative ways of using and creating utopian living structures. In his works Bailey often poses questions about the relation between natural