Nari Ward at New Museum, New York

Press release: The New Museum presents the first museum survey in New York of the work of Nari Ward (b. 1963, St. Andrew, Jamaica). “Nari Ward: We the People” features over thirty sculptures, paintings, videos, and large-scale installations from throughout Ward’s twenty-five-year career, highlighting his status as one of the most important and influential sculptors

Isaac Julien at Metro Pictures, New York

Press release: Isaac Julien’s visionary ten-screen film installation Lessons of the Hour explores the incomparable achievements of America’s foremost abolitionist figure. After escaping slavery in Maryland, Frederick Douglass gained celebrity on the abolitionist circuit as an extraordinary orator, becoming the most photographed American of the 19th century. Julien’s project is informed by some of Douglass’s

Ghislaine Leung at Essex Street, New York

Press release: Flags, 2019 All internal doors painted gloss black. Toons, 2019 All internal walls painted gloss white. Company, 2019 Two gift wrapped model offices. Love Radio USA, 2019 The internet radio station Love Radio USA played on a small battery powered digital radio. Commonwealth, 2019 The work Commonwealth is Domain, Empire, Estate, Kingdom, Nation

Mary Mito at Downs & Ross, New York

Press release: For more than a half-century, Mary Mito (b. 1944, Hartford, CT; lives and works in New Mexico and New York) has rendered permeable interfaces between constructed and natural environments with a singular continuity of attention. While her rarely exhibited paintings are most often compelled by a relentless descriptive force conveying vast tracts of

Coco Young at Princess, New York

Press release: Every day except for Sundays You would hear the merry Lavoir Women scrubbing, whitening, laughing The green water From the neighboring hill Still hides the echo Of their gossiping thrill I sit by its side The cold stone is as smooth as a mirror I can almost see my reflection Or is she

Dora Budor at 80WSE, New York

Press release: 80 Washington Square East is an address acquired by New York University along with the entire frontage of the eastern side of Washington Square park in 1925. At the time, the school’s attendance was growing exponentially, from 500 students in 1919 to over 7,000 by 1929. Additional living quarters and administrative facilities were

Eleanor Ray at Nicelle Beauchene, New York

Press release: Nicelle Beauchene is pleased to announce Eleanor Ray’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Ray’s small-scale paintings bring the viewer into an intimate conversation with landscapes and interiors, both ordinary and well known. The paintings give form to a state of close attention, presenting specific places in series. Ray spends time with each

Park McArthur at MoMA, New York

Press release: Park McArthur makes work that often responds to the institutional and architectural context of exhibition spaces. Projects 195: Park McArthurtakes shape against the background of the Museum’s ongoing west-end expansion, which is scheduled for completion in 2019 and will add gallery space in an adjacent, newly developed tower with 145 private luxury apartments

Manfred Pernice at Anton Kern, New York

Press release: German artist Manfred Pernice titled his sixth exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery re-kapito, which derives from the German verb “rekapitulieren,” meaning “to repeat in a summarized form,” “to remember,” “to visualize once again.” In a broad sense, this term describes a central impulse in Pernices’ work: namely the intent to commemorate and visualize

Nina Beier at Metro Pictures, New York

Press release: Metro Pictures presents a selection of new work by Berlin-based artist Nina Beier in her second exhibition at the gallery. Beier’s work unfolds the histories enmeshed with serially produced objects and materials. She is drawn to those that have continually mutated and evolved as a result of transcultural exchange, reflecting on the fluctuating

Alice Tippit at Nicelle Beauchene, New York

Press release: Nicelle Beauchene is pleased to present Alice Tippit’s Long Red Moans, the artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Continuing to explore the interpretations of visual language, Tippit’s latest body of work mines the psychology and susceptibility of reading the erotic in the everyday. Tippit’s painting style is graphic—pictures, signs, and symbols are