Nick Doyle at Stems Gallery, Brussels

Stems Gallery is pleased to announce “Nowhere”, an exhibition of new sculptures by the Brooklyn–based artist Nick Doyle. Nick Doyle’s work employs the icons and materials of American culture to examine the unsightly pride with which such symbols and attitudes are touted. His practice aims to undo American myth-making by its very products— cigarettes, vending

Solange Pessoa at Mendes Wood DM, Brussels

Press Release: Mendes Wood DM Brussels is pleased to present In the Sun and the Shade, the first European solo show of works by the Brazilian artist Solange Pessoa, coinciding with her acclaimed first solo institutional exhibition in the United States, currently on view at Ballroom Marfa. Utilizing the entirety of the Brussels gallery space, the

Karl Holmqvist at dépendance, Brussels

  Press release: dépendance is pleased to present ‘One Child per Household’, gallery artist Karl Holmqvist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition evolves in several parts: three pieces of second hand furniture – two sofas and one chaise longue – have been reupholstered in a recently produced woven wool fabric in six different

“Inhabited by objects” at CAB, Brussels

Press release: CAB is pleased to announce its first collective exhibition around the 6×6 Demountable House by Jean Prouvé. The house, conceived in 1944, is the focal point of CAB’s 2016 -2017 programme. For this exhibition it is brought in dialogue with work by both Belgian and international contemporary artists. Through the presence of this architectural

Guy Mees at Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels

Press Release: Galerie Micheline Szwajcer and Bureau des Réalités are pleased to present a solo project dedicated to Guy Mees (1935-2003) featuring works, documents, photographs and videos dating back to the late 1960’s and leading up to his last watercolours on coated paper. The exhibition at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer constitutes an attempt to trace the

Pierre Leguillon at Wiels, Brussels

Press release: The Museum of Mistakes: Contemporary Art and Class Struggle presents a set of works made out of reproduced images. Photographs, film extracts, advertisements, postcards, posters, slides, record sleeves, magazines, and other types of mass media are brought together here in the form of unique works. But these works evade solidifiying into fixed forms.

Richard Aldrich at Gladstone Gallery, Brussels

Press release: Gladstone Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Richard Aldrich at our Brussels location. The exhibition is being presented in collaboration with dépendance, which will host a concurrent exhibition on view April 24 through May 24. The two exhibitions feature paintings, drawings, and sculptures created over the course of the past

Danh Vo at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels

Press release: Moores and I went on to California’s eastern boundary, turned around, and recrossed the Sierra, as we would do repeatedly in the coming years. Climbing the steep east face of the mountains, you see granite and more granite and andesite capping the granite. So far so comprehensible. But before you have crossed the

Jacques André at Catherine Bastide, Brussels

Press release: Why buy cheap furniture? Why shop at Ikea? Why not unwrap your purchases? Why ask? Jacques André buys instead. Through buying and displaying he forms previously disassociated links between things declared of value and things without, affecting their status through material or market manipulation. Gently satirical takes on Daniel Buren’s Peinture acrylique blanche

Thomas Bayrle at Wiels, Brussels

Press release: WIELS presents the first major retrospective in Belgium by German artist Thomas Bayrle, a pioneer of Pop Art, serial, and new media. WIELS continues its alternative reading of the history of art featuring artists whose work often unrecognized changes our understanding of major changes in the history of art and ideas. Over the

Hanne Darboven at Gladstone Gallery, Brussels

Press release: Gladstone Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Hanne Darboven’s multipart work Kalendergeschichten, which will be installed at our Brussels gallery. Darboven, a German conceptual artist, is best known for her large-scale, minimalist works, and her meditation on time, a theme foundational to her practice. In the mid-1960s, Darboven moved to New

Evan Holloway at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels

 Press release: Xavier Hufkens is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Evan Holloway. Trees, Heads, Molds is the artist’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. The sculptural work of Evan Holloway (b. La Mirada, California, 1967) is based on his investigation in the simple and fundamental transactions between people and objects. This also means