Sarah Lucas at CFA, Berlin

Press release: Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to announce the exhibition “FunQRoc” with Sarah Lucas. An organic programme of events, concerts, collective art-making, and meals directed by the artist and Julian Simmons took place at CFA-Charlottenburg on the occasion of the Easter weekend. Characteristic of Sarah Lucas’s practice is the use of simple, everyday materials

Hanne Lippard at KW, Berlin

Press release: KW Institute for Contemporary Art is pleased to present the first institutional solo exhibition by Norwegian artist Hanne Lippard (born 1984 in Milton Keynes, GB). Over the past years, Lippard has focused herself on the production of language solely through the usage of the voice. Her practice stems from design by which she

Michael Sailstorfer at KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin

Press release: In his sixth solo exhibition at KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin-based artist Michael Sailstorfer presents two uniquely paired works — Brenner (2017), a new, large-scale sculptural installation, and the video Traenen (2015). Both works consider not only their relationship to one another, but above all their respective placement within the gallery, making full use of

Jenny Holzer at Oracle, Berlin

Press release: Jenny Holzer’s Inflammatory Essays (1979–82) consist of 24 short texts, each a hundred words long, arranged in twenty lines. They are printed in Times Roman Bold Italic and each sheet is 17 x 17 inches. Holzer originally pasted them in the streets of Manhattan, selecting each location according to the nature of each

Adrian Piper at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Press release: The Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin presents Adrian Piper’s first solo exhibition in a German museum. The Probable Trust Registry: The Rules of the Game #1-3 features her same-titled major work recently acquired for the collection of the Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. The work consists of three identical,

Nina Canell at Barbara Wien, Berlin

Press Release: Foam-Skin Insulated Jelly-Filled Vowel – Nina Canell‘s third exhibition at Barbara Wien – coincides with the abc gallery night on Friday 16th of September 2016. Floor-based tangles that consist of emptied out subterranean fibre-optic cable sheaths (Shedding Sheaths (B)) will share the gallery space with an installation that sets the short-term memory of wires

David Thorpe at Meyer Riegger, Berlin

Press release: The risen April sun now shone from the sky in all its glory, warming the parturient earth. Life was springing from her fertile bosom, with buds bursting into verdant leaf and the fields a-quiver with the thrust of new grass. Seeds were swelling and stretching, cracking the plain open in their quest for

Oscar Murillo at Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin

Press release: The tense state of air travel, The distressing experience of a family losing a loved one—the deceased body loaded in the cargo of this boeing aircraft. Geographical awareness, Google maps, Flightmapper and Plane Finder, all tools meant for geographical awareness, which help to illustrate the reality of a region in discontent. FlightMapper illustrates

Alice Channer at Konrad Fischer, Berlin

Press release: Early Man revolves around the fold, a recurring motif in the work of the artist. The fold describes the pictorial and symbolic entanglement of seemingly opposing qualities and production modes. Inside and outside, organic and synthetic, hand crafted and industrially produced interweave in Early Man to become a complex system of signs. A

Wolfgang Tillmans at Daniel Buchholz, Berlin

Press release: In Studio, his twelfth solo exhibition at Galerie Buchholz, Wolfgang Tillmans (born 1968 in Remscheid) thematizes his place of production. The artist’s studio, a classic trope from art history, here takes the form of an inventory, not a peek behind the scenes but an attempt to create a cartographical representation of what this

Anne Collier at Galerie Neu, Berlin

Press release: New York- based artist Anne Collier’s work explores the complexities of representation and perception by questioning the primal relationship between photographic objects and images, taking into focus the nature of photography itself. Her artistic practice involves gathering and investigating objects that are dominated by a certain highly emotive imagery: eyes, clouds, waves, images