Klara Liden at Galerie Neu, Berlin

 Press release: (Re-)using common materials which can be salvaged from urban space or sourced from outmoded stock, Klara Lidén’s practice involves a notion of practical recycling. There is no ‘aura’ of past times, no sense of nostalgia in the vintage system of pump and hoses she retools to construct a closed circuit of water running

Jim Isermann at Mary Boone, New York

Drawing on the legacy of mid-20th century California artists, the work of Palm Springsbased Jim Isermann is informed by the projected optimism, clean lines, and new materials of Modernism. Isermann stakes his own territory by enlisting the vocabulary of design to create works that are unashamedly beautiful, a beauty that is integral to the limitations and specific characteristics of

Andreas Slominski at Sadie Coles, London

Andreas Slominski’s latest show at Sadie Coles HQ centres on a new series of sculptures of flowers. The show’s truncated or “broken” title, Europ, alludes obliquely to the financial cuts and the economic and social unrest around Europe, for which the plucked, fragmentary flowers serve as metaphors. Wrought from metal, the sculptures also replicate the stylised,

Hans-Peter Feldmann at Guggenheim, New York

Hans-Peter Feldmann has spent over four decades conducting a profound investigation into the influence of the visual environment on our subjective reality. Composing images and objects into serial archives, uncanny combinations, and other illuminating new contexts, his work unearths the latent associations and sentiments contained within the landscape of daily life. As the winner of

Dahn Vo at Fridericianum, Kassel

With JULY, IV, MDCCLXXVI, Danh Vo shifts the focus of his artistic investigations to the concept of freedom. The title designates 4 July 1776, the date of the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. The writing in Roman numerals is taken from the tablet that the figure of New York’s Statue of Liberty

Tomma Abts at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Born in 1967, German artist Tomma Abts ranks among the outstanding female painters of her generation. She was awarded the Turner Prize in 2006, and her work has featured in solo exhibitions at such renowned institutions as Kunsthalle Basel, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the New Museum of Contem- porary Art in New

Agnieszka Szostek at Ben Kaufmann, Berlin

Press release: Agnieszka Szostek’s work can be traced back to different areas of inspiration. Divergent themes convene in her work. They are independent constructions as well as mimesis of historical visual formulas, of everyday and popular culture. The artworks bear witness to an interest in found shapes, which are isolated from their original context, reduced

Charlotte Posenenske at Galerie Nelson-Freeman, Paris

The Galerie Nelson-Freeman is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Charlotte Posenenske (1930 – 1985).Charlotte Posenenske was born in Wiesbaden (Germany) in 1930. One of the most important artists of her generation, she developed a minimalist sculptural production based on industrial manufacturing (modeling, standardization, mass-production).  Aesthetically, Posenenske’s work relates to European Minimalism yet,

Lee Ufan at The Guggenheim Museum, New York

(NEW YORK, NY – June 23, 2011)—The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum presents Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity, the first North American museum retrospective devoted to the artist-philosopher Lee Ufan (surname: Lee, given name: Ufan), a preeminent sculptor, painter, and writer active in Korea, Japan, and Europe over the last forty years. The exhibition positions Lee as a

Jamie Isenstein at Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe

We are pleased to present new work by the American artist Jamie Isenstein at her second solo show in our Karlsruhe gallery space. Jamie Isenstein uses the media installation, performance, sculpture and drawing, often conjoining them through the mere inclusion of her body or the execution of an action. The artist formulates a surreal condition

John Baldessari at Mai 36, Zurich

We are pleased to announce our next exhibition presenting a new body of work by John Baldessari. The artist lives and works in Santa Monica, California. One of the world’s most important icons of conceptual art, Baldessari is celebrating his eightieth birthday with this exhibition. His work has influenced generations of artists, including Cindy Sherman,

Hilary Lloyd at Artists Space, New York

Artists Space presents the first solo exhibition in the United States by British artist Hilary Lloyd. The exhibition will feature new work developed by Lloyd in direct relation to the architecture of Artists Space. Hilary Lloyd’s work is predominantly realized through the presentation of sequential images, either within video or slide installations. This work is