Alexandra Bircken at Kimmerich, New York

think of me
you may read UKNIT as a unit.
as knitting produces a unity (a blank(et))
what you see is deconstruction of unity into pattern and movement.
there is no guiding thread going through the work.
it is temporary.
it‘s rhythm, as sense is movement.
rhythm as stored on tapes or reels and reals as cultural techniques
and pre-conscious memories in transitions.
the dust is moving anti-clockwise into the navel
like all cyclones in the north.
think of me
(whispers the dust*)

*peter huchel

German artist Alexandra Bircken was born in 1967 in Cologne, Germany. Recent solo exhibitions include Kölnischer Kunstverein, BQ, and Herald St. Bircken has been included in exhibitions at the The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Upcoming 2011-12 solo exhibitions include Studio Voltaire, London, Der Kunstverein, Hamburg and Museum Boijmans, Rotterdam.

Artist: Alexandra Bircken

Venue: Kimmerich, New York

Exhibition Title: Think of me

Date: September 2 – October 29, 2011

Images courtesy of Kimmerich, New York