Adriana Ramić & Micah Schippa at Hotel Art Pavilion, New York

Press release:
Touch, very diffusely and as abstractly as possible implies a consciousness, a thing reaching out, an action or series of actions; atomic interplays. Everything is in a constant state of communication. Light slug beehive shadow grandfather water system river bed electrons millions of suns. What bends through the retinas and sleeps in the neurons? The light from stars taking a million years to reach your eye (imagine the night sky) — maybe a converter is a sort of ultimate touch. I am writing this near a river and perhaps I’m converting the sensations around me into dynamic reverberations. Reverb is touch in the acoustic universe. An artificial intelligence is a form of noise (maybe all intelligence is artificial in that everything is an accumulation of interactions; contact, touch). (Or maybe art is an android, a staged android). Components touch, a neural network can touch, can reach out (everything is reaching is building bridges). Touch is a bridge in a world where everything is moving and unstable.

– Micah Schippa

Adriana Ramić is based in New York. Most recently her work has been installed long-term at Osnovna Škola Đura Jakšić, Banatski Dvor, Serbia. She will be releasing a publication with the Institute for Interspecies Art and Relations later this year.

Micah Schippa has a BFA from SAIC and runs Obst Space in Chicago, and has recently published two books.

Artists: Adriana Ramić & Micah Schippa
Venue: Hotel Art Pavilion, New York
Exhibition title: Touch is a Bridge
Date: April 28 – May 22, 2018

Text (press release) and images provided by the event.
© Adriana Ramić, Micah Schippa, Hotel Art Pavilion, New York NY U.S.A.